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Sub-Aqua Association

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The Sub-Aqua Association provides scuba divers with a safe training and development programme which is recognised both nationally and internationally. They are the UK issuing body for CMAS (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques), the World Underwater Federation, which is the international umbrella organisation for diver training.


CMAS accredited training means our divers can have confidence that their training qualification will be recognised worldwide.

The SAA is there for its members; with the National Executive and Regional Representatives forming the National Council. This council helps set the future direction of the association and, as most members are volunteers who are keen divers, represents our member clubs and divers.

Hardboat Diving at Lundy Island.


Elementary Diver

SAA Elementary Diver Course.

The first stage of learning to scuba dive and developing your skills with the SAA is the Elementary Diver grade. This introductory course involves theory and pool sessions as well as open water sessions. All of which are delivered by our team of qualified SAA Instructors. 


This course forms the foundation of safe and knowledgeable scuba diving. A qualified Elementary Diver will be able to dive to a maximum depth of 10 metres.


Club Diver - 2 Star Diver
(With 10 additional qualifying dives.)

SAA Club Diver Course.

Club Divers are able to dive to depths of up to 35 metres with fellow divers certified to Club Diver level or higher. As a Club Diver you’re gaining confidence in the water, have developed additional skills and will be an aware diver, both before, during and after dives.

Club Divers are gaining valuable levels of competency in the water.


Dive Supervisor - 3 Star Diver

SAA Dive Supervisor Course.

A Dive Supervisor is an experienced and responsible diver, with a proven ability to organise and lead diving expeditions.

Dive Supervisors are able to organise and run diving expeditions involving larger groups of divers and more complex diving in a variety of situations from both shore and hardboats.


Open Water Diver - 1 Star Diver

SAA Open Water Diver Course.

The SAA Open Water Diver course builds on the skills learned during Elementary Diver, with additional classroom, pool and open water sessions. Building confidence with experience and learning.


An Open Water Diver will develop their technical understanding and practical experience, diving to depths up to 20 metres, under the supervision of a qualified SAA Dive Leader or above.


Dive Leader - 2 Star Diver

SAA Dive Leader Course.

The fourth grade with the SAA is that of Dive Leader. A Dive Leader has proven experience of leading divers underwater and has developed their practical and theoretical knowledge further. Upon successful completion of the Dive Leader grade, the diver is qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 50 metres and is able to accompany an Open Water Diver on dives.


National Diver - 4 Star Diver

SAA National Diver Course.

A National Diver is a diver who has been, through nationally organised assessments, proven to have a higher level of knowledge and ability. A National Diver is able to organise a group of divers to achieve major tasks and projects underwater.

Skill Development Courses

At InDepth we can offer a number of SAA Skill Development courses. Examples of these include:

Dry Suit

O2 / EDFA - Emergency Diver First Aid

Nitrox Diver

Chart Work & Navigation

Basic Boat Handling / Diver Coxswain

Self-Reliant Diver

Search & Recovery

Gas Blending

Commencing SAA Courses:

SAA Courses are available to all InDepth Dive Club Members. Students wishing to engage in any SAA training courses should contact either the Training Officer or the Diving Officer to discuss their requirements and check that they meet any prerequisites. All SAA courses are run at the discretion of the Diving Officer.

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