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Anemone in the Egyptian Red Sea.

Dive Club

The InDepth Dive Club is a multi-agency club that offers all levels of scuba training, from entry-level 'learn how to scuba dive' courses to advanced nitrox, trimix and decompression diving.

We also offer cave/mine and advanced wreck diving courses as well as CCR courses on multiple rebreathers.

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Contact Us: Tel: 01291 41 81 81 - Email: - @InDepthCLUB

Members of InDepth dive Club at Cromhall Quarry in south Gloucestershire.
Scuba Diver
Scuba Diver on a Rebreather.
Scuba diving trip out of Plymouth.
Scuba Diving at Holme Bank Mine
Seal at Lundy Island
Scuba Diver in Holme Bank.

InDepth Dive Club has an impeccable safety record. View our Safety Documentation.

Got questions? Check out our FAQs.

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First and foremost though, we are a group of friends, we look out for each other and we have each other's best interests at heart. We take great pride in the fact that we do not entertain 'club politics' and this is enshrined in both our Club Constitution and our members' Code of Conduct.

If you are looking for a club that looks out for its members, a club that includes everyone in everything, a club that discourages secret or private trips, a club that is inclusive for all, then InDepth is the club for you. 


Integrity, honour, courtesy, charity & unwavering loyalty are all core values at the very heart of InDepth. We pride ourselves on this. No one is excluded or ostracised from any club trip, dive or event. 

If you're looking for a 'cliquey club' then keep looking, because we actively discourage that sort of thing! 

We are not a branch of the BSAC - British Sub-Aqua Club or a BSAC 'special branch'. Nor do we have any desire to be so. However, we do welcome all divers and we do frequently help BSAC members with their depth progression dives as we have BSAC instructors on the instructional team. So if you're experiencing difficulties in getting your depth progression dives done within your local BSAC branch then we may be able to offer assistance. You would be required to join the InDepth Dive Club.

We take great pride in the fact that all of our trips are open to all of our members. That isn't to say that we don't do all levels of diving, we do! But we do make a point of ensuring that all levels are catered for. 

So our tec divers get to go and do some deeper stuff, or caves, mines and rebreathers whilst our new divers aren't excluded because we would run an additional trip specifically for them and all levels in between are equally catered for. It takes a lot of effort to organise everything, so typically, this is what we do...

1. A hardboat trip every month throughout the summer. These cater for the majority of club members. Dives are typically run from:

i. Plymouth - With our friends at In Deep.

ii. Portland - With Scimitar or Skin Deep.

iii. Ilfracombe / Lundy Island - With our friends at Obsession.

iv. Swanage - Usually with Divers Down.

v. Lymington - With White Spirit.

vi. Eastbourne - Typically with Channel Diving.

vii. Dover - With Mutiny Charters.

viii. Pembroke Dock - Pembrokeshire Boat Charters.

2. Take the club RHIB out every month from March - November. We try to ensure that the club RHIB gets used as much as possible. It doesn't matter if it's for scuba diving or just a fun day out on the water. More often than not we'll take her down to the South Coast and dive out of West Bay & Lyme Regis or Plymouth. We also take her down to Challaborough or Hope Cove and across to Pembroke. But then that's the joy of having our own boat, we can take her to wherever we fancy, whenever we fancy!

3. Regular Shore Dives to encourage the newer divers and to give them valuable experience. Brixham and Babbacombe are club favourites for shore diving.

4. Fortnightly club night at Cromhall quarry. Ideal for training and practicing, or just a fun dive! We will often do a Saturday or Sunday at Cromhall as well, club BBQs are regularly organised.

5. Regular club socials and club dives. Whether it be on the coast for a day or a weekend away or at one of the inland sites, Cromhall, Vobster Quay, Dosthill or Stoney Cove. We make every effort to do as many club orientated group dives as we can. It's all about the friendships and the bonds that develop between divers and 'buddies'. It's about being inclusive and making everyone feel welcome.

6. Overseas diving holidays. Without a doubt these are the highlight of every year. Whether it be one of our regular trips out to Egypt to dive either from a liveaboard or with our friends at Red Sea Relax in Dahab or something more exotic like the Maldives or Truk Lagoon. We have at least two overseas trips every year.

Want to know more about what it's like at InDepth Dive Club? Click on 'Club Life'.

Check out the UK Dive Trips and Overseas Holidays pages for details of our upcoming adventures!


— Mark Twain

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