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Technical Diving Courses

Turn to the dark side...

Technical diving is, for many, the ultimate challenge. The pinnacle of diving achievements; whether it be advanced decompression procedures, tec sidemount, cave/mine diving or rebreather diving.

Tec Diving opens up many new opportunities, from extended range and depth to new wrecks and locations that very few humans have ever seen!

At InDepth we can offer many of the technical courses, either directly through the club or through the InDepth Dive Centre.

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Technical diving is not for everyone!


The risks are greater and it requires the correct mindset. That said, it can definitely be extremely rewarding.

In order to start down the technical diving path you do need to meet the prerequisites for each of the Tec courses. If you are just starting out and looking at Tec 40 then you will need to have logged a minimum of 30 dives (we recommend at least 100), you must be over 18 years of age, hold a suitable EANx qualification and be medically fit enough to undertake the dives. A medical declaration is required, signed by a doctor within the last 12 months.

Turn to the dark side...

Talk to an Instructor:

Technical diving courses are at the pinnacle of scuba diving. Students wishing to engage in technical diving should first contact the instructional team to discuss your objectives.

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— Drew Brees

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