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MARU Divers Logo.

MARU Divers

InDepth Dive Club is the official home of the Northern Hemisphere MARU Diving Club.

MARU Divers in Egypt.

In order to become a 'MARU Diver' and a member of the MARU Diving Club you must first dive a MARU wreck with an existing member of the MARU Diving Club. Once your dive has been verified the other members of the MARU Diving Club then give you your 'MARU Name'. You do not get to chose your own name, it is chosen for you, and it is rarely complimentary!

Examples of MARU Divers' names include

Clueless Maru

Loquacious Maru

Wooden Spoon Maru

Yoda Maru

Fiddler Maru

And there are many, many more.

Examples of MARU Wrecks include:

Giannis D - Originally named the Shoyo Maru - Wrecked in Egypt.

Million Hope - Originally named the Ryusei Maru - Wrecked in Egypt.

“七転び八起き (nana korobi ya oki).”

(Literal translation: 'Fall seven times, get up eight' better known as:

"If at first you don't succeed, try and try again".)

— Japanese Proverb

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