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InDepth Dive Club Boat
'Deep Blue' RHIB

Deep Blue Logo.

InDepth Dive Club has its own club boat, called 'Deep Blue'. She was named as such because her tubes are a dark blue and she is especially set-up as a dive boat.

She's a 5.8 metre Humber Destroyer 580 fitted with an Evinrude 115 Ficht RAM outboard engine.

InDepth club RHIB, 'Deep Blue'.
Deep Blue the club RHIB
Deep Blue InDepth RHIB.
Deep Blue RHIB at Plymouth.
Deep Blue, the InDepth RHIB at sea.

Deep Blue - Humber Destroyer RHIB (Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat)

'Deep Blue' is maintained to the highest standard and has recently been extensively overhauled and had new throttle cables fitted, a new steering cable, a full gearbox stripdown and realignment, impeller and full engine service.

She's fitted with state-of-the-art navigational and emergency location & radio equipment, an 'Ocean Ears' Diver recall system and extensive first aid, flares and O2 facilities. 

She's sat on a Snipe roller coaster trailer that has also been stripped down and fully serviced and upgraded this year, having had new wheels bearings, winch, alloy wheels and tyres and new checkerplate.

We pride ourselves on sparing no expense. She's maintained to the highest standards. A valued asset that affords the club the ability to dive whenever the opportunity presents itself.

We frequently take her to the South Coast and dive from locations such as Plymouth, West Bay, Lyme Regis, Challaborough & Hope Cove  and across to Wales to dive from Pembroke.

If, when we meet up on one of our regular Thursday evening club nights, the forecast looks good for the following weekend, we will often make arrangements then and there to take her off for a day or two's diving. Likewise, whilst she is set-up specifically with scuba diving in mind, we do still take her out to sea purely for the fun of taking her out and heading off along the coast for the day.

Diving from the club RHIB is only offered to fully paid up club members.

Launching the RHIB.
Divers getting back on the Deep Blue RHIB after a dive.
Ocean Ears, Acoustic diver recall system.
Nautical Chart of Lyme Bay and navigational tools.
Enjoying an ice cream on the Deep Blue RHIB at Lyme Regis harbour.

Courses & Workshops enhanced with the Deep Blue RHIB

In addition to pleasure diving from Deep Blue the club can also offer a number of courses and workshops from her, including:

PADI Boat Diver >>

PADI Wreck Diver >>

PADI Drift Diver >>

PADI Deep Diver / Depth progression dives for BSAC / SAA etc.

PADI Digital Underwater Photography / Videography / Digital Imaging / Photogrammetry

SAA Boat Handler (RYA Level 2 prep)

And many other courses can be progressed with the club RHIB. Please refer to each individual course for full details as many have specific prerequisites and requirements prior to being able to dive from the club RHIB and not all dives for certain courses would necessarily be done from the RHIB.

Deep Blue RHIB - Oceanears Diver Recall System

Deep Blue carries an acoustic diver recall system known as Oceanears.

The Oceanears DRS-8-003/SA400 CLASSIC Acoustic Diver Recall System is now the leading diver recall system in the World!

Oceanears on the Deep Blue RHIB.
Oceanears in Pelli Case RHIB.

Deep Blue RHIB - Insurance Documents

Deep Blue is insured through:

Westfield Sub Aqua and Marine Insurance Services Ltd

14 Lambourne Drive



GU19 5BY

Tel: 01483 237827


Guests & Guest Divers on the club RHIB - Deep Blue


We welcome guests and guest divers aboard our club RHIB, Deep Blue. However, ALL passengers / divers on board Deep Blue must be members of InDepth Dive Club. This is for insurance reasons, as detailed below by Nick Caldwell of Westfield Marine Insurance Services, whom we insure our vessel through.

In order to ensure that all persons on our vessel are insured, we offer a 'Temporary Membership' for guests and guest divers. These temporary memberships can be for either:

1 Day Membership - £5

Weekend Membership - £7.50 

Week Membership - £10

Month Membership - £20

Given that our annual membership is not a great deal, we do not, therefore, offer any temporary memberships beyond a month. You can, however, become a temporary member as many times as you wish throughout a year, up to a maximum of 2 months.

Boat Insurance for Dive Clubs

Via Westfield (Sub Aqua & Marine) Insurance Services Ltç seems a misunderstanding has taken place in recent months, with a few individuals within clubs about the level of cover that is provided by our Specialist Dive boat insurance.

Please remember that we have been insuring Dive Boats and Dive Clubs since the 1970s and therefore hold a great understanding of your activities and indeed your needs.

We therefore confirm that our policy does include an Extra Endorsement (number 26) for Dive Craft.

This addresses the issue of ‘Member to Member’ Liability cover and ‘Guest’ divers and indeed Third Party Liability cover to Divers in the water.

There has been no change in this cover, and it has and will be continued to be far greater than any other marine insurance policies on the market as often this cover does not exist on most policies and normally Liability cover is excluded if you strike divers in the water. So again I am confident together with my underwriters that this cover is put in place for you under our policy.

I think the confusion has been to do with making a charge to non-members/third party people for coming on and/or diving from your boat. Hopefully you will understand that then legally this becomes an issue as to whether you are running a commercial service i.e. charging people. In this situation you COULD (if you wish) make them a temporary member so they are just contributing to the running costs of the club boat that they are now also a member of, or you COULD take the view that in fact this is a commercial operation for boat charter. Should this be the case we can indeed provide cover for Dive Charter boats, albeit at about £100.00 more in premium.

Should you have any questions please always feel free to contact us and I will be happy to assist.


Kind Regards,


Nick Caldwell,

Managing Director.



For your reference…

Endorsement 26 – Dive Craft

26.1 The insurance provided by Section 2 – Liability to Third Parties and Passengers, of Your Policy is extended to include the liability to divers in the water. This cover is only operative if the person in charge of Your Craft is aboard and in control of Your Craft at all times when the craft is in use. The person in charge of Your Craft must hold a valid Boat Handling Certificate authorised by Your Diving Association or the R.Y.A. or has at least 50 hours proven experience of handling a craft equal to that insured within the terms and conditions of this insurance together with proven proficiency with regard to first aid e.g. A certificate or signed logbook showing completion of a first aid course.

26.2 The insurance provided by Section 2 – Liability to third Parties and Passengers, of Your Policy is extended to include liability arising from the carrying and use of therapeutic oxygen resuscitation equipment that You own, while it is on Your Craft.

Your Insurers will not pay any claims for liability that arise from:

i. failure to administer therapeutic oxygen; or

ii. the person administering therapeutic oxygen not holding a valid certificate proving he or she is fully qualified to administer therapeutic oxygen; or

iii. therapeutic oxygen resuscitation equipment not being certified as tested and maintained in good working order, and / or as required by statute.

26.3 The insurance provided by Section 2 – Liability to Third Parties and Passengers, of Your Policy covers each member of the club and / or association as if separate cover had been provided to each individual member. Our liability will not be more than the amount shown in Your Policy Schedule under the Third Party Indemnity Limit.

26.4 The insurance provided by Section 2 – Liability to Third Parties and Passengers of

Your Policy is extended to include liability arising from the negligent instruction or tuition of a pupil on a boat handling course. This extension only applies if the instruction or tuition is given voluntarily. All the recommendations of Your Diving Association or the R.Y.A. for then manning of craft must be complied with.

26.5 General Policy Exclusion 4.7.2 is deleted and replaced by the following:

4.7.2 for anything except Your own private pleasure and / or diving club activities and / or boat handling courses recognised by Your Diving Association or the R.Y.A.

CDA Safe Boating Guidelines

Deep Blue is run and operated under the appropriate guidance as laid out in The Combined Diving Association's Handbook: Guidelines for the safe operation of member club dive boats.

Click on the image to download a copy.

cda boating guidelines.


— Jean-Paul Sartre

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