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Dry Suit

SAA Dry Suit training courses available at InDepth dive Club.

Dry Suit training is typically undertaken at the beginning of most entry-level courses as UK waters tend to be colder.

However, if you learned to scuba dive overseas or didn't complete your dry suit course for any reason then we can put you through the essential training and skill development needed to safely scuba dive in a dry suit.



SAA Oxygen administration and diver first aid courses at InDepth Dive Club.

Oxygen administration and Emergency Diver First Aid are essential skills for any diver and these should be refreshed every two years.

We encourage all club members to undertake O2 and Diver First Aid training as soon as possible. It's better to have the skills and not need them than need them and not have them!


Gas Blending

SAA Gas blening courses available through InDepth Dive Club.

Being able to blend your own diving gasses has its uses, especially when access to third-party gas rooms has become limited over recent years. But there's a lot more to it than simply going out and buying your own compressor and connecting it to your scuba cylinders.

Proper care and maintenance are essential, regular filter changes and air purity testing. Safe handling of O2 are just a few examples of why proper training is essential.



SAA Enriched Air Nitrox courses available at InDepth Dive Club.

Enriched Air Nitrox, EANx is typically used to extend the amount of time you can spend at a given depth and reduce the amount of fatigue that can be experienced with repetitive diving.

There are essential skills that need to be learned and understood before diving Nitrox. Training is therefore essential before diving any Nitrox blend.


Search & Recovery

SAA Search & Recovery courses available at InDepth dive Club.

Search & Recovery skills can be extremely useful, especially if you dive from the club RHIB regularly. You never know when someone might drop something or knock it overboard.

Being able to organise divers and a proper search pattern is key to successfully recovering anything lost at sea and lifting an object more than 7kg requires proper training.


Boat Handling


As a club with its own boat, a Humber 580 Destroyer, it is essential that we have suitably qualified boat handlers and coxswains in the club who know how to safely handle the boat.

Launching the boat, navigating to a dive site, getting the shot line in the right place, putting divers in the water and retrieving them after the dive, navigating back to shore, and getting the boat out of the water are all complex skills that require specialist training.

Commencing SAA Courses:

SAA Courses are available to all InDepth Dive Club Members. Students wishing to engage in any SAA training courses should contact either the Training Officer or the Diving Officer to discuss their requirements and check that they meet any prerequisites. All SAA courses are run at the discretion of the Diving Officer.

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— Phillip Diole

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