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Deep Blue - InDepth Dive Club RHIB - Refurbishment!

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

The InDepth Dive Club RHIB, 'Deep Blue' has had an extensive refurbishment and overhaul ready for 2023. She's had all new safety, sea survival and emergency equipment fitted.

Deep Blue RHIB safety equipment. Putting club members safety first.

Onboard 'Deep Blue' we have all new lifejackets, flares, survival bags, first aid kits, O2 kits, bailers, throw lines, tools, her very own 'save-a-dive kit' and more...

No expense has been spared in getting her ready for 2023!

She has been extensively refurbished over the winter months, the Pains Wessex storage boxes have been stripped back, cleaned, degreased and had new stickers fitted and filled with all new first aid kits, flares and a selection of new tools that are fit for purpose.

InDepth Dive Club RHIB Trailer Refurbishment

The RHIB's 'roller coaster' trailer has been overhauled. New wheel bearings fitted, wheel arches removed, repaired, repainted and refitted. New checker plate fitted. New jockey wheel fitted, all grease nipples replaced and regreased. We also fitted a new winch and shiny new allow wheels!

InDepth Dive Club RHIB Overhaul & Service

In addition to stripping down and overhauling the trailer we have also had the hull and tubes deep cleaned and degreased. She has had gallons of 'Elbow Grease' cleaning agent all over her and the boys have spent hours scrubbing her and put a fair bit of their own 'elbow grease' into cleaning her and getting her looking immaculate.

It was then on to the 'oily bits' to get her ready for sea trials. We took her over to Puravida Marine in Penarth, Cardiff for a professional service and overhaul.

She has had all new cables fitted throughout, both throttle cables and the steering cable have been replaced. The gearbox has been removed and realigned as well as an impeller service.

The engine, an Evinrude 115, has had a full service, new plugs, oil and filters. And we also had a new primary fuel filter & water separator fitted between the fuel tank and the engine.

"Deep Blue is ready for the season ahead."

– Jim Brooks, Puravida Marine

InDepth Dive Club RHIB 'Deep Blue' looks magnificent now!

After weeks of hard work and many hundreds of pounds spent, 'Deep Blue', now looks absolutely magnificent.

InDepth's RHIB, 'Deep Blue' at West Bay harbour.
InDepth's RHIB, 'Deep Blue'

Looking Forward...

We are now very much looking forward to the rest of the year and the diving adventures that await us... taking 'Deep Blue' down to the south coast and diving out of Lyme Regis, West Bay, Plymouth and all that that entails, diving the James Eagan Layne, HMS Scylla, the Baygitano and so many more. Fish and Chips, ice creams, sunshine, laughter and making memories. Bring it on...

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