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Junior Open Water

You don’t have to be an adult to learn how to scuba dive. Kids’ natural curiosity and aptitude for learning make them some of the best scuba students.


Minimum age requirement: 10 years old.

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Junior Open Water Diver

The Junior Open Water Diver course is a special scuba certification for divers who are at least 10 years old, but younger than 15. The Junior Open Water Diver course covers the same material as the standard PADI Open Water Diver course but has smaller teacher-to-student ratios and shallower depth limits. 

Reduced ratios & depth limits for Jr. Open Water Divers

For children ages 10-11
In Confined Open Water and Open Water, the student-to-instructor ratio may not exceed 4:1 and there may not be more than two children aged 10-11 in the group. Divers aged 10 or 11 may not dive deeper than 12 meters during the class or following certification. 

Please note: children must be at least 10 years old to start scuba certification training. If your child is eight or nine years old, they may participate in a scuba experience program (see Bubblemaker & Seal Team).

For children ages 12-14
Junior Open Water students who are at least 12, but under 15 years old may dive to a maximum depth of 18 meters.

All beginner scuba divers, including adults, should stay above 18 metres until they have additional training or experience.

How deep can a Junior Open Water Diver go? 

  • Divers aged 10 and 11 must dive with a PADI Professional or a certified parent or guardian. Dives may not exceed 12 meters. 

  • Divers 12-14 years old must also dive with a certified adult and their maximum depth cannot exceed 18 meters. With additional training, divers 12 or older may explore down to 21 meters with a PADI Professional or other certified adult.

PADI Junior Open Water Diver.

How do you upgrade a Junior Open Water Diver certification?

Because the Junior Open Water Diver course covers the same information and skills as the Open Water Diver course, a Junior Open Water Diver may upgrade to an Open Water certification by simply ordering a replacement card once they turn 15. 

There’s nothing special you need to do when you order a new PADI card online or from InDepth. 

The Junior Open Water Diver course is open to all club members of the appropriate age. If you'd like your child to participate then please Contact Us to discuss. 



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