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Give someone special an unusual gift. The gift of a scuba diving experience!

Try Scuba Diving Gift Voucher

  • InDepth Dive Club Gift Vouchers

    We would like to thank you for purchasing from InDepth Dive Club and hope you enjoy using your voucher! 

    Please review the following information, which will help you use your voucher.


    Terms & Conditions to redeem InDepth Dive Club Vouchers:

    1. There can be only one voucher per order or transaction.

    2. Vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. 

    3. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Purchase date is written on the front of the voucher.

    4. Vouchers can only be used if a minimum order amount is met (excluding postage costs). The minimum order amount will be shown on / with the voucher.

    5. If you would like to place an order that is worth more than your voucher amount, you can pay for the difference using cash, Visa or Master Card. 

    6. If the voucher is worth more than the order, the difference will not be refunded and cannot be applied to a future order; therefore if you do not use the entire voucher amount, the difference will be lost.

    8. Some vouchers can only be redeemed on specific training, items or groups of items. As stated on the voucher. 

    9. Diving experiences & training are subject to medical fitness. You will be required to complete a medical form prior to engaging in any diver training / experience.

    10. Should a diving experience / training be cancelled by InDepth Dive Club for any reason an alternative date will be provided.

    11. Without the permission of InDepth Dive Club, it is not permitted to sell, trade or purchase vouchers in any way. 

    12. InDepth Dive Club reserves the right to discontinue a voucher at any time or to modify any vouchers’ terms and conditions.


— Unknown

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