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Mike Rose, InDepth Chairman and SAA Vice-Chairman at Cromhall Quarry.

Mike Rose - Chairman

Mike joined the Sub-Aqua Association (SAA) with Tivoli Underwater Group in 1983, which went on to become Cheltenham Sub-Aqua Club (SAA 303).

His philosophy is - “If you learn to dive in this country – you can dive anywhere in the World”.

He is also very fortunate that his wife is also a diver, she too joined the SAA in 1988. They enjoy diving together on family holidays.

Mike advises that he has been extremely fortunate to have been taught by some of the UK’s leading Technical educationalists - who shall remain anonymous.

He currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Sub-Aqua Association’s Executive. He is also a Member of the Technical Commission of the World Underwater Federation (CMAS).

He is also an active National Instructor for the SAA. And he also teaches:

Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver (AP Evolution and ISC Megalodon)
TDI Gas Blending Instructor 
RYA – Advanced Power Instructor.
Yachtmaster Power (Commercially endorsed),
Short Range Certificate and Radar Instructor/Examiner.
Day Skipper - Sail

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Mike's Story

Watching The Undersea World of Jacques-Yves Cousteau in the 1970s along with Ron and Valerie Taylor drew Mike to want to learn to scuba dive, mesmerised by their aquatic adventures, he longed to experience the underwater world for himself.


In 1983 he saw a notice in Pittville Swimming Pool advertising 'TUG - Tivoli Underwater Group' - and having completed his swimming

Mike Rose Scuba Diving

assessment that July, and still longing to experience the aquatic realm, he joined the SAA - Sub-Aqua Association & Tivoli Underwater Group (Cheltenham Sub-Aqua Club) and began his training. He reached Club Diver certification in 1984. 


During the 1980s and 1990s the SAA was still very much a fledgling organisation, as was the sport itself, subsequently the SAA certifications he had achieved were not yet that well known around the world, whereas PADI, having been established since the 1960s had become the dominate organisation worldwide.

Mike was travelling and scuba diving a lot during this period, Spain, Gibraltar and Egypt were all destinations of choice, consequently he decided to undertake an internationally recognised PADI Divemaster course with Dive 90 in Cheltenham in order to make his overseas diving that little bit less irksome as far as proof of qualification was concerned.

Having gained his PADI Divemaster in the 1990s Mike was able to travel and dive more freely for the decades that followed as the SAA - Sub Aqua Association became better known. Hi loyalty always remaining first and foremost with the Sub-Aqua Association, and today, well, he's the Vice Chairman of the SAA itself and, of course, remains a fully paid up member!

Mike is also a Member of the Technical Commission of the World Underwater Federation (CMAS) and the SAA's Technical Coordinator.

He is also an active National Instructor for the SAA - Sub-Aqua Association and he also teaches at Regional and National levels for First Aid, Oxygen Administration, Rescue Diver. Teaching Divers to become Pool and Open water Instructors, assessing National Diver, Regional Instructor candidates and delivering Nitrox Gas Blender courses, as well as teaching a plethora of RYA courses for various boat handling and Diver Coxswain certifications.

Mike Rose at Sea.
Mike Rose teaching.
Mike Rose with MV Robert Map.
Mike Rose on his rebreather.
Mike Rose on his Motorbike.
Mike Rose with Gerry Brain Ade.
Mike Rose out and about in his wellies.

Contact Mike:

If you'd like to contact Mike directly, you can do so via the club using the contact information opposite. 

01291 418181


— Kenneth Grahame

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