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Martin Rutterford.

Martin Rutterford - Dive Trips

    PADI Divemaster #307446


    Martin is a PADI Divemaster and Tec 40 diver


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    Martin's Story

    Martin's scuba journey... Martin learned to dive in the UK in 2008. Since then, he hasn't stopped training and expanding his scuba diving skills! 

    He quickly realised that this new 'hobby' had become a passion! One that has allowed him to see incredible underwater habitats, reefs, wrecks and creatures that few get to experience beyond their television screens.

    He progressed through many PADI qualifications and specialities. And he also qualified as an RYA Level 2 Powerboat operator in 2008 and became a PADI Divemaster in 2011.

    Martin Rutterford

    In 2015, Martin completed a 'Wreck Detective' course with the Nautical Archeology Society, giving him the skills to identify different types of wrecks, the construction methods used to build period ships, how to date them and the various land-based methods that can help find all the available history on a given wreck.

    Martin's interest in wrecks was compounded, but the limited bottom time afforded him as a recreational diver was a huge drawback, he wanted to stay longer, go deeper and see much more of the wrecks that he was diving.

    Therefore the only way was Tec! He started his technical diver training with TecRec and qualified as a Tec40 diver in 2016 on a twinset with a stage cylinder (longer dives, deco time, long hoses, torches, computers and slates, what's not to love!)

    For Martin, it doesn't particularly matter what wreck it is, from a few pieces of wood and boilers sitting on the seabed, or the huge wrecks of Scapa Flow, if it's a wreck then it has history, and in that case, he is there! 

    To date, Martin has only ever dived in clear warm blue waters once, whilst on a liveaboard in Egypt in 2014. And whilst being a hardened UK tec diver is all well and good, he loved being in a wetsuit as opposed to a dry suit; having 30 metres of visibility made for an epic experience, but for Martin, there wasn't a scrap of rust in sight... he was on the wrong excursion for rust! Despite that, Martin did realise that marine life can be just as interesting as wrecks, well, almost! He saw his first manta ray, lots of hammerhead sharks and reef sharks and on the night dives he witnessed lionfish hunting and much more! (Secretly, he loved it).

    Martin is an all-year-round UK diver and is not adverse to a little "quarry bothering" in the winter when it's minus seven degrees Celsius on the surface and a mere three degrees in the water! When the weather permits, he is prone to jumping off the back of a hardboat or rolling off the side of a RHIB somewhere in UK waters.

    Martin has a massive passion for SCUBA and for pursuing his development as a diver. He is always arranging UK trips and is the ideal person to coordinate all the InDepth Dive Club trips!

    Contact Martin:

    If you'd like to contact Martin directly, you can do so via the club using the contact information opposite. 

    01291 418181

    Martin Rutterford at Vobster Quay
    Martin Rutterford on his Motorcycle.
    Martin Rutterford in the Dive Den.
    Martin Rutterford.
    Martin Rutterford at Cromhall
    Martin Rutterford and InDepth Club members.
    Martin Rutterford, Vobster Crushing Works


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